Company Profile

The company F. FILIPPIDIS SA operates in the recycling and marketing of old iron and other metals for at least five decades with the most modern equipment owned trucks, mobile and fixed presopsalidia cutting old iron and metals, and wire processing machines.

We have all necessary permits collection transportation management throughout the Greek territory and owned facilities in the area of Thessaloniki and Kozani.

The company operates in the field of recycling in auctions of public sector organizations such as electricity, JSC, PT. ODDY SA OLTH.AE, Hellenic Petroleum SA.

We are certified with ISO 14001 (Environmental management system), ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and follow the strictest rules in the processing of recyclable materials to transform them into secondary raw materials as given in steel for further processing.

The company is affiliated with the Alternative System of Battery Management and a licensed collection and transportation of spent lead batteries acid on a nationwide scale.

The company is also affiliated with the Alternative Management of Packaging and deals with the collection - transfer of metal packaging.

Chief Executive

Filippidis Dimitris +30 6944555423

Vice President - Board of Directors

Filippidis Pantelis +30 6976006363



Telephone: +30 2310 765866, 760798
Fax: +30 2310 773204


Headquarters:Behind of Steel Mill - Ionia Thessaloniki
P.O. Box. 1126 - Postal Code 57008
1. Stad. Dialogis 18, Thessaloniki
2. Drepano Kozanis
F. Filippidis SA
end of life Licenced vehicle Center

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