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Do i have to deliver my car to an authorized collection point?

Yes, under the new legislation the ultimate owners of ELVs have to deliver their vehicles to authorized collection points.

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What are the ELVs;

As End-of-Life Vehicles - ELVs are - characterized those vehicles no longer used and their owners have decided to permanently withdraw from circulation.

When a vehicle reaches the end of his life, need not be another waste and pollute the environment with hazardous substances. Besides a large proportion of the material of the vehicle can easily be recycled and reused.

For this purpose there are special facilities ELV collection, as the company F. FILIPIDIS SA which is authorized and has all the necessary infrastructure for the management of specific hazardous substances and recycling of useful materials of all vehicles.

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How do i benefit if I deliver my car to an authorized collection point?

In addition that you stop being charged for road tax, insurance etc., you contribute to environmental protection.

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Is company F. FILIPPIDIS SA an approved collection point?

Of course it is. It has been tested and approved by the competent bodies.

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Will I be charged for the withdrawal of my car?

No charge if your car is near the limits of the town of Thessalonica.

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My car is stalled ...

No problem. Our Company in consultation with the Road Service manages the transfer of your vehicle.

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The number plates of my car are deposited to the Treasury ...

Simply show us the documents the Tax Office provided you which prove it. This applies to temporary paralysis.

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It's a company car ...

1. In a Partnership(GP - LP) a copy showing the legal representative is required.
2. A copy of an LTD partner, which yields the data manager is required.
3. If an SA, a Greek Goverment Gazette of the Board is required, Board Resolution for permanent removal of the vehicle and document handling.

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Can i send you a delegation by FAX?

Absolutely. Just fill in the corresponding delegation and send it to us by FAX at: 2310-773204.

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I have more questions ...

Call us on 2310-765866. We will gladly answer all your questions.

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